Richard Lobban For New Hampshire Senate


Senate District 7

Belknap County

Grafton County
Alexandria Bridgewater Bristol Grafton Hebron Orange

Hillsborough County

Sullivan County

Merrimack County
Andover Boscawen Bradford Danbury Franklin Henniker Hill Newbury Salisbury Sutton Warner Webster Wilmot

  • Common Sense for Guns and Health; time for CHOICE, sanity and science
  • Humor not Hate; Unity & Progress; Division serves our enemies
  • Education & Choice; I’ve been teaching for over 50 years
  • Support NH’s Small Business: streamline paperwork
  • Protecting the environment: our land is in conservation trust
  • Support Veterans: I’ve been a contractor for the US Navy 17 years

“If you support these values, please help me spread the word! You can contribute to my campaign at Thank you! 

  • Technical Education for jobs at present and in the future
  • Commercial Education: in District 7 tourism, hospitality, small businesses
  • STEM Education for mobility, diversity and the future
I give my strongest support to our veterans and their support organizations. I have served as a federal contractor to the United States Naval War College for seventeen years and am a consultant to the NH National Guard Partnership Program
After the Abenaki were first here, our family is now into its second century in the Lakes Region.
We want thoughtful development for District 7, Better infrastructure. More careful conservation of the watershed and the environment amid climate change.
I am massively for education for social mobility, wisdom, diversity and empowerment and for a brighter future. I have a BS in Biology, MA in anthropology, and PhD in Anthropology. I have taught in public, private and military education for over 50 years around the world literally. I am author of a wide range of books and articles. I could not be more supportive of a high quality and accessible education for the greatest number of people

I don’t mind hard work, and with my neighbors we have conserved 170 acres in trust

I could not be more supportive of family values as especially women’s and human rights. With a strong mother, stronger professional and collegial wife and two daughters it could not be otherwise. Needless to say a strong supporter of female choice in reproductive rights and I am an activities in human rights of every sort, especially in my work against torture and for political asylum from repressive nations. I’m that person in the middle
I prefer peace and humor to hatred, polarization and anger. Can’t we just get along? Rodney King asked
I was with the women of NH then, and I am still with them now. Photo: R LOBBAN

RICHARD LOBBAN’S 7 E’s Program to Revitalize and Resurrect New Hampshire. I am FOR:

  1. Equality, empowering Equity in access to health services, diversity and gender, voting
  2. Environment and Ecology, addressing climate change and conservation
  3. Education, we need adequate in financing of education and teachers. Education about diversity past and present: about African-Americans, Abenaki, Penacook and LGBTQ groups in our complex history..
  4. Energy, let’s aim toward sustainable and diverse energy
  5. Economics, Minimum Wage and housing needs to go up to make jobs attractive.
  6. Empathy, Look at the other side. Hope not Hate. No more extremist polarization. Empathy and gratitude for our military service people and retired veterans.
  7. BUT AGAINST Extremism, I don’t want it from the Right to the Left. I want to put NH together again.

As a life time educator and with education as one of my top priorities to repair and restore the schools of NH, I am very pleased and proud that the National Education Association of NH has recommend my candidacy for its 17,000 members. I was a member of the American Federation of Teachers, Local 1819 for 35 years teaching anthropology, so my credentials and commitment to education and unionized teachers could not be higher. The future of education in our state could not be more important at this time. I am also a consultant with the NH Air and Army National Guard Partnership Program while also serving as an Adjunct Professor of Security Studies at the Naval War College for 17 years.