On the Issues

My positions on issues of interest to voters in our district.

As an active and informed citizen of NH I am ready to listen and prefer bipartisan solutions or reasoned compromises to all issues. At the same time I am trained in science and have long worked on human rights issues, especially against torture, racism, and discrimination and for political asylum as a long term member of the ACLU and Expert Witness in Immigration and Homeland Security Courts. My PhD in Anthropology also favors the celebration of diversity.

As a loyal patriot who has covered wars as a journalist and has taught at the Naval War College for seventeen years I strongly support our veterans and the sacred oath to the Constitution including the 2nd amendment that backs ‘a well regulated militia’. As such I have been a consultant to the NH National Guard Partnership Program. Clearly gun safety is strongly supported including measures that do not permit firearms in the hands of mentally ill, underage buyers, convicted felons. domestic abusers, “straw buyers”, and people who are suicidal as might be revealed in ‘red flag’ background checks that are enforced to curb the outrageous, and frequent cases of mass killings in American unlike most other nations in the world. Police should not be defunded, but in some cases need appropriate retraining in the context of new social, racial, gender, ethnic, legal, mental and medical issues and other demands where the police need community support and engagement so they can best serve and protect our citizens as well as reduce and investigate crimes.

As a professor and lecturer in public, private and military education for more than fifty years and around the world I will do my best to support quality, mass education in all ways possible with respect to the constitutional separation of church and state. This is fundamental to educational and intellectual health and security for our citizens. Such is the case in supporting small businesses in our state that are heavily geared to small scale construction, logging, tourism, and the hospitality and service sectors that are foundational to our district and state’s economy.

Moreover, trained in science with experience teaching holistically about interconnected health issues from tropical and water related I support all scientifically based epidemiological concerns to protect the health security of our citizens. As a beekeeper, small scale logger and woodworker I am keenly aware of seriously addressing the needs we must all confront in climate change. These are linked to energy supply and use, and protecting and conserving our water resources so we can steadily reduce our obsolete dependence on fossil fuels.

With these remarks and outlooks I look forward to serve all citizens of NH



  1. In Science and intellectual curiosity: BS Biology, MA Anthropology, PhD Anthropology,
  2. In Education: I taught in public, private and military schools, colleges and universities.
  3. Human Rights: focused on unity and diversity and immigration cases.
  4. Diversity: Because I accept E pluribus unum and national strength.
  5. Conservation: our watershed land is conserved and protected.
  6. Security: national and international, against all types of extremism.

My VISION is guided by six generations of ties to NH

  1. Education for personal fulfillment, Equality, Empowerment and for a better future and better Health. Keep our graduates in state.
  2. Economy founded on raising the minimum wage so one can support a family and have accessible and affordable housing. SUPPORT FOR SMALL BUSINESSES
  3. Dignity, Mutual respect, Diversity especially for women, minorities and native Americans. Reverse our national polarization.
  4. Environment, Make our small planet better, not worse.
  5. Security, Support of veterans and military. Support our police. Don’t defund them: some need retraining for the modern social and domestic issues they face.
  6. Support the Rule of Law, Civil Society, and the Constitution. Those foundations are the glue of our society and are not a witch hunt. Down with extremism: Right and Left. We need centrism to put our nation back together..